Every donation to Recycling Lives is gratefully received. Below are some examples of how we may spend your donation.

  • £25.00 is the weekly food budget we allocate for each Resident. This includes three meals a day. Before they came to Recycling Lives, many of our Residents didn’t know how they were going to pay for their next meal. Residents plan and prepare all their meals together, improving their life skills in preparation for Independent Living.
  • £77.50 covers the cost of a new passport. Having a passport gives a Resident an identity. With a registered address at the Recycling Lives Centre and an identity, Residents can open a bank account, and enhance their chances of finding a job.
  • £250.00 will pay for the cost of a Resident to gain an official qualification as a fork lift truck operator. This type of skill is not only useful but quite an emotional learning experience for many Residents, as it is engaging and frequently the very first qualification they have ever achieved.
  • £250.00 more and the Resident gains an official First Aid qualification. Having the knowledge to care for others and the ability to competently help someone in need of medical assistance is a significant boost to their self-esteem and personal development.
  • £3.50 will cover the cost of a day’s return transport to a voluntary work placement for a Resident. This work placement builds self-esteem, skills and hope for a future. It is a vital part of a Residents journey to financial independence and living in their own home.
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