Pathway to Independence

The Recycling Lives social welfare charity operates a tailored, six-stage process that is designed to help some of the most marginalised people in our communities into employment and independent living. Through a unique mixture of training, support, work experience – not to mention plenty of enthusiasm from our charity’s Residents themselves – we help people to rebuild their lives in safe, constructive environment.

While each of our Residents is on individual path to independent living, each stage of our programme lasts around five weeks. As well as weekly support sessions, we carry out a full review at the completion of every stage, covering everything from life in the charity, work placements and personal wellbeing to future goals and aspirations.

Residents get a weekly allowance during their time in the charity, part of which is paid into savings ready for when they move into independent living. And, from Stage Two onwards, Residents also have the opportunity to become Resident Representatives, taking on more responsibility in exchange for additional savings.

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