Residents & Training

The Recycling Lives Principle

The principle behind Recycling Lives is to create opportunities.

These opportunities enable Residents to make the most of their future. We provide the motivation, training, qualifications and experience that result in real jobs at the end of their journey.

At this point, the Resident has made a commitment to move from isolation and unemployment, perhaps crime and homelessness, to become a skilled, experienced, capable and confident person. They have found the work ethic and self-belief needed to become a valuable part of society.

Personal Development Plan

We appreciate that each Resident comes from a unique and often complex and chaotic background, and therefore each has specific individual needs. In order for them to make the most of their opportunity at Recycling Lives, we work alongside Residents to devise a bespoke Personal Development Plan. This plan investigates their existing skills and ambitions, and clearly identifies a solid pathway for the journey ahead.

First Steps

Once the Residents have settled into their new home they are encouraged to participate in general housekeeping, and then, once ready, move on to perform voluntary work. As they take on more responsibility and become relied upon by others, Residents develop a strong work ethic and, with time, move towards work placements with our Corporate Partners. In most cases this progress leads to full time employment and Independent Living.

Whilst we endeavor to motivate and instill ambition into each Resident, we understand that each journey is unique and we respect this. It is important to allow each Resident to develop at a pace that suits them.

Academic Qualifications

Recycling Lives operate an in-house education and training programme known as SEE (Social Enterprise Education). The main objective of SEE is to ensure that all necessary qualifications and training programmes are readily available to Residents, and to ensure that participation is both simple and accessible.

SEE works with local Colleges and Universities to ensure that a complete syllabus is available, whilst vocational training is provided by the Recycling Lives training department. Working together we ensure that the SEE environment is ideal for Residents to progress and achieve their goals.

Training for a Reason

We try to provide initial results quickly as this helps to develop self-esteem and ensures that Residents start to gain accredited skills that are both practical and useful to a range of potential employers and work placements.

Frequently, these early certified achievements are the first qualifications that Residents have ever attained, gaining an overwhelming response. Quick ‘wins’ in courses such as First Aid and Fork Lift Truck driving leads to enthusiastic engagement on other programmes.

It is always our intention to identify courses that will be relevant or necessary for the job that the Resident wishes to progress towards. Early success also attracts offers of work placements from Corporate Partners. With determination and commitment from the Resident this training, coupled with focused job seeking by Recycling Lives, ultimately leads to employment.

Residents- Living Proof

Many of our Residents have faced all kinds of challenges in their life, which may have made it difficult for them to gain qualifications and, through them, an alternative future.

Despite this, many Residents quickly undertake accredited courses in areas such as Motor Mechanics and Manual Handling. In doing so, they gain confidence in themselves.

This progresses to Residents engaging with academic courses in areas such as literacy skills and opens up further opportunities. In addition to this, Residents gain real experience through voluntary work and work placements, identifying further skills and ‘on the job’ training necessary for their employment preparation.

The Recycling Lives step by step process works…. time and time again for real people.

Wider Community

The SEE training facility is not reserved exclusively for Residents. We encourage participation from the wider community and welcome you to our learning centre. For more information about courses or opportunities please telephone 01772 566 699 today.

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