Residents & Work Placement

Recycling Lives would like to invite your company to consider offering work placements and apprenticeships for our Residents.

The main objective of Recycling Lives is to assist Residents in becoming financially independent and to identify work opportunities that they wish to undertake. Developing self-esteem is a crucial point within the Recycling Lives community, and we have witnessed how gaining ‘work’ can be a considerable step forwards in developing a Residents’ self-confidence and, ultimately, in attaining an alternative future.

The Resident’s Choice

It is important to remember that Residents choose to join the Recycling Lives programme and in doing so are ready and willing to undertake voluntary work placements in order to sustain the Charity; gain the necessary work experience and also to identify a career path that interests them.

They are keen to develop a strong work ethic and the more work placements available for Residents, the more diverse and fulfilling Recycling Lives becomes. It is essential that a variety of placements are offered, not only to enhance personal choice of vocation but also to ensure that the placements on offer target differing skill levels.

Your Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

Recycling Lives actively engage with the business community, enhancing our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda by offering a range of opportunities through the Recycling Lives Charity. We work with our Corporate Partners for mutual benefit, whilst minimising costs for all concerned.

Whilst all work placements are done on a voluntary basis and there are no employment contracts to consider, we wish to clearly distinguish that Residents are not a ‘free labour pool’ and so request that any hours worked for Corporate Partners are acknowledged by paying the equivalent of the National Minimum Wage per hour as a donation to our Charity. This arrangement ensures that established Residents ‘look after’ newer and perhaps less able Residents within the Centre by helping to sustain the Charity financially, through their work placement activities. This in turn helps the development of confidence and self-esteem in the Residents.

We ensure that any work placement offered by our Corporate Partners is low risk and take the time to visit you in order to understand your business and the work experience that you are able to provide. Potential candidates are assessed and participate in any required training to ensure the appropriateness of the placement, before they enter your work place. For example, the opportunity you have available may better suit a Resident who is nearing independence, or you may be able to offer a placement to a Resident who is at an early stage of their journey through our programme. This assessment is part of the Personal Development Plan carried out between the Charity and the Resident.

Pre-Work Placement Training

After your work placement has been selected by a Resident, we will contact you to make arrangements for the Resident to visit your work environment and to clearly set out the parameters of the opportunity being offered. Any qualifications or required work based training is identified as part of the placement opportunity and timetables are planned with our in-house training provider ‘SEE’ (Social Enterprise Education) to suit everyone. This training will be completed before the Resident commences the work placement.

Work placements are considered short term and constantly reviewed; however, we welcome a placement leading to a full time employment opportunity. In such circumstances, we ask you to contact Recycling Lives directly so that we can carefully coordinate the move from benefit dependency to financial independence. We want all placements to be a positive experience for you and our Residents and so offer as much support as needed.

If you would like to speak to Recycling Lives about work placements or discuss opportunities to develop your Corporate Social Responsibility then please telephone us on 01772 654321. Thank you.

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