Prison partnership earns national award for “excellence”

June 2019

Our work using recycling to rehabilitate offenders has been recognised with a prestigious national award.

Our partnership with Recycling Lives Ltd, Amey and men’s prison HMP Dovegate has been recognised with the Partnership Excellence Award (Public/Private Sector) in the National Recycling Awards 2019 (NRA).

The HMP Dovegate workshop is one of nine we run, employing offenders to undertake recycling or fabrication work and support their rehabilitation.

In 2018, the workshop in the Category C men’s prison, run by Serco, processed 939 tonnes of televisions from household waste recycling centres managed by Amey. It achieved a 99.8% recycle rate for metals, glass, plastics, panels and circuit boards.

This partnership has been developed by Recycling Lives Ltd, our ‘sister’ business, which secured the contract with Amey to support both its recycling targets and our rehabilitation aims.

Tom Carysforth-Nadin, head of operations for Recycling Lives Charity, said: “We’re very proud of this excellent partnership as it allows us to really make a difference so winning this award is the cherry on top of that. Meaningful work is central to improving an offender’s chance of rehabilitation, so we are grateful to Amey and Serco for buying into our model and working with us to make it happen.”

Emily Davies, Head of Social Impact for Amey, said: “I’m delighted that the fantastic work we’ve been delivering with Recycling Lives has been recognised. I’m proud that the work we’ve been involved with is having positive impacts on improving offender’s rehabilitation as well as reducing the amount of household items ending up in landfill sites.”

The win is Recycling Lives Charity’s second NRA, after our Food Redistribution Centre team was named Team of the Year in 2017.

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Graham Beck – Governor, HMP Wymott

“Recycling Lives has added an extra dimension to our rehabilitative programme by offering offenders quality work, incentives to progress and support on release, providing a number of opportunities.

“Its’ model is now being used as an ideal template for others aiming to bring opportunities into prisons.

“I am confident that Recycling Lives’ influence will bring about wider improvements in this difficult area of work.”

Lady Val Corbett – Organiser, Corbett Network

“Recycling Lives is a ground-breaking success story in changing the lives of men and women offenders through real work.

“The national reoffending rate is around 67% so Recycling Lives’ success in reducing reoffending rates to less than 5% is exemplary.

“Giving people with convictions a chance to integrate back into society is not only good for them, it’s also good for the economy.”

Rory Stewart MP – former Minister of State for Prisons (2018-19)

“Initiatives like [Recycling Lives’] create a platform for offenders to go on to make a meaningful contribution to society.

“The support extends beyond the prison walls to help offenders through the gate, [working] with men and women on their plans for release, supporting them to secure meaningful work and stable housing on release.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who helps prisoners find work.”