Recycling Lives Charity launches 2023/24 Impact Report

June 2024

£24.2m – that’s the value we create at Recycling Lives Charity. We’re proud to share this record figure in our latest Impact Report.

The new report covers how our rehabilitation and food redistribution programmes create value for individuals, communities and wider society. It also shares stories from the men, women and communities whose lives have been changed or touched by our work, thanks to the chances offered, the support given, and the resources supplied by our programmes.

People like Naomi, Jimmy and Paul, who have used our support as springboards to change their lives and those of their families and communities too.

Read their stories in full in the report.

Headine figures from our rehabilitation programmes include:

 Headline figures from our food programmes include:

  • £11.8m social value from our food redistribution work
  • 2.45m meals delivered to communities
  • 140 charitable groups supported

And for the first time, we share more on the environmental impact of our work, as we have prevented CO2 emissions and saved water through our recycling and redistribution efforts:

  • 1.56m waste electricals recycled
  • 1,029t food, toiletries and pet food diverted from waste
  • 1,016t of CO2 emissions prevented
  • 2.16bn litres of water saved

Learn how we created this impact – read the report in full.

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