Meet Naomi, Jimmy and Paul … We’re proud to share their stories and the way their lives, and those of their families and communities too, have been changed or touched by our work, within our latest Impact Report.

Our 2023/24 Impact Report also shares how changing lives meant we created £24.2m social value for communities and the taxpayer in 2023.

Sharing our work and impact allows us to celebrate the successes of the men, women and communities we support, and recognise our team who make this possible. It also demonstrates that change is possible and that we can all be part of the solution. Read on for how you can help us to change lives.

Read our Impact Report 2023/24.

Our impact

  • Creating social value

    Creating value for society and savings for the taxpayer, worth £24.2m

  • Reducing reoffending

    Reducing reoffending rates to 6%

  • Improving employability

    Increasing employment rates to 70%

  • Feeding communities

    Delivering 2.45m meals to 140 groups

  • Reducing waste

    Diverting 1,029t food from waste & Recycling 1.5m waste electrical

"I can progress here, but still get support if I need it."

Read Jimmy’s story – Impact Report 2023/24

"To change people's mindsets, you have to change their settings."

Read Naomi’s story – Impact Report 2023/24

"I thought the food was everything but it's the social side that's so important."

Read about Wesley’s Community Cafe & Larder – Impact Report 2023/24

Partner with us, Work with us, or Support our work

Partnerships or collaborations with businesses and employers can underpin, strengthen or sustain our impact. Organisations can work with us or support us in a range of ways:

Refer to us – Signpost people to our services to improve outcomes for offenders or people in recovery or increase the food charitable groups are able to deliver to their communities.

Partner with us – Offer training and employment opportunities to our participants. Gain loyal, hard-working team members and demonstrate your values.

Donate to us – Sponsor our programmes and help to sustain our impact. We’ll send updates on the difference this makes, to share and demonstrate your values.

Supply produce – Send your surplus stock, to prevent food waste. We’ll send updates on where your produce has gone, to share and demonstrate your values.

Volunteer with us – Give your time to share or develop your skills.

Follow us – Keep up with our achievements and growth via our socials and share our story with your network.

Together we're Recycling Lives

“What drives us at Recycling Lives is the desire to make sure we continually go the extra mile for people, ensuring everyone we come across gets the best possible chance in life.
"Our team’s ability to be proactive, innovative, and reactive all at the same time never ceases to amaze me.
“So, it’s our team who I want to pay testament to - they are so dedicated and passionate. Never short of an idea or a plan or a way of fixing things.
“The same goes for our trustees – who are supportive and caring but not intrusive – along with our volunteers – the unsung heroes of the third sector.
“Finally, a thank you to our sponsors and partners. Making ends meet is often the hardest part of running a charity so the support we receive from businesses, funders, donors and other partners is crucial.
“Please enjoy our report, but don’t then leave it to gather dust ... Please pass it on to help us share our work and impact with others.”

Alasdair Jackson OBE, Chief Executive

Read Alasdair's reflection in full in the Impact Report.