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Working in partnership with the Achieve programme, we are supporting ex-offenders to move into sustainable employment. By supporting men and women to undertake paid work placements and secure employment we are reducing reoffending.

This programme is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

  • Training ex-offenders
  • Sustaining employment
  • Reducing reoffending
Changing Lives

Our impact

We've supported 140 people into employment and delivered a 62% sustained employment rate.

  • Skills
  • Employment
  • Sustainability


We support men and women to develop their life and work skills, helping them to secure and sustain employment. We work with each individual to ensure they are confident in their transferable ‘soft skills’, around communication, time-management and problem-solving, as well as with any trade-specific skills or certification.



Working with each individual, we first identify any barriers to employment and ensure the relevant documentation and access routes are in place before placements commence. We then help each participant to secure a paid work placement suited to their skills, ambitions and aspirations.


We work to ensure employment can be sustained long-term, allowing individuals to live independently and providing employers with committed, loyal and skilled staff. Our specialist, structured interventions support individuals’ rehabilitation and reduce their risk of reoffending.

"I wanted to work but didn't know where to start. Volunteering made me much more confident to go for a job." Chamayne

The Achieve programme is focused on supporting offenders who have difficulty accessing other mainstream services. The men and women it supports have limited work experience and low self-confidence, histories of poor mental health, substance misuse or debt, and do not have stable accommodation.

Together we're changing lives

Working with the Achieve programme, we are playing a key role in the CFO3 project – appointed by Achieve Northwest Connect and funded by the European Social Fund.

We are delivering this programme across Lancashire and Cumbria, working with ex-offenders furthest from the job market. Working closely with both employers and individuals we identify the right opportunities and placements to ensure successful outcomes.

We support men and women to enhance motivation, build aspirations and overcome barriers to work.

Together we're changing lives

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Our community partnerships are run by Rob. His team offer individuals specialist, structured programmes to first overcome obstacles and develop skills, then undertake placements, secure work and sustain employment. They also work closely with employers to provide skilled, committed team members who are work-ready.

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Speak to Rob today about partnering with Recycling Lives Charity