New Day Church Food Hub

“We started out as a traditional food bank, putting food parcels together and delivering them. It was just low numbers before Covid, maybe 10-20 households.

“It started off being a lot of single older people, but then referrals went through the roof. It’s a bit of everyone now – families, older people, people with health problems, asylum seekers, working, non-working, young, old.

“But we realised that delivering food parcels was more of a sticking plaster – it was helping with the food but not the issues surrounding it.

“So we transitioned to a new model – a community café with a lovely atmosphere, giving people that social contact. Through this we can signpost people to other agencies – Citizen’s Advice, the council or the doctor – to advise with other things. We don’t just want to be working on our own.

“The food hub also gives people choice and dignity in receiving food while reducing food waste. People like that they’re paying £2.50 and they’re contributing. It restores a bit of pride.”

Jen Tidy – Food Hub Coordinator, New Day Church

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