Rehabilitating offenders Reducing reoffending

Changing lives

We support men and women in prisons across the UK to reduce reoffending rates. By engaging them in meaningful work we help offenders to develop skills, confidence and resilience ready to secure a good job and stable housing on release.

  • Training & supporting offenders
  • Improving independence & employability
  • Reducing reoffending
Changing Lives

Our impact

We reduce reoffending rates to less than 5% - and improve employment rates to more than 80%.
By comparison, nationally up to two-thirds of prisoners reoffend and less than one-in-five get a job on release.

  • Skills
  • Support
  • Structure


We employ offenders in jobs that pay a decent wage and offer opportunities for progression and certification. By engaging offenders in meaningful work, we support them to develop their skills, confidence and resilience. They also gain transferable skills, from time-keeping and team-working to accreditations or certificates.

“Working every day kept me focussed and motivated in prison.” Shaun


We support our men and women in whatever way they need – from managing mental health problems to maintaining abstinence and even working with social services to help parents to regain custody of their children. We work with each person to identify any personal problems or offending behaviours, then work together to overcome them.

All our team are certified Mental Health First Aiders, undertaking regular training to deliver to national standards.


Our team have both personal and professional experience of the issues facing the men and women we support – some are ex-offenders themselves, acting as role models. Using their professional networks, they connect our men and women with training providers, employers and housing providers for wrap-around, structured support.

“The structure Recycling Lives has in place, coaching and mentoring offenders, is invaluable.” John Hewitson, HMP Dovegate

More than 80,000 people are in prison across the UK, costing the taxpayer an average of £100,000 per person every year . Of those the vast majority will be released, but up to two-thirds will then fall back into the system and return to prison. A good job and a stable home are the most important factors in reducing the risk of reoffending.

Together we’re changing lives

Working with businesses across all sectors, we support employers to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and develop a diverse workforce by creating employment for our men and women.

We undertake contracts on behalf of businesses, employing men and women to undertake work within prisons as a way to upskill and support them. Work is completed to a high standard, meeting businesses’ requirements, to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

We also help businesses to diversify their recruitment practices by placing our men and women in full-time, training or voluntary roles, cutting through the red tape of working with offenders. We help to fill vacancies across all sectors and locations, for businesses keen to put their values into action.

Together we’re changing lives
“The partnership allows offenders to gain experience and a work ethic while delivering environmental benefits.”
Simon Houlahan, Amey
“The men placed with us have picked up good skills and are very reliable.”
Andrew Wright, Green Growth
The men placed with us have picked up good skills and are very reliable.

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Our rehabilitation team is led by Rob. Rob and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of justice and rehabilitation. They form deep, trusted relationships both with the men and women they support and the professionals they work alongside.

Speak to Rob today about partnering with Recycling Lives Charity:

Speak to Rob today about partnering with Recycling Lives Charity