Changing futures

Changing Futures

Working with the Changing Futures, Building Better Opportunities programme, we are supporting people facing multiple disadvantage to move closer to employment. We work with individuals to overcome barriers and develop skills, confidence and resilience.

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  • Improving employability
  • Reducing social exclusion
Changing lives

Our impact

We’ve supported 100 people to develop skills and undertake work placements, including 34 who have secured and sustained employment.

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Community partnerships


We’re focused on supporting people facing multiple and complex barriers to employment to develop their life and work skills and grow in confidence and resilience. This partnership works with individuals who have been long-term unemployed, experiencing homelessness or recently released from prison.

Community partnerships


We support individuals to access specialist support to help them become work-ready, including education, work placements or sector-specific training. We work with each participant, helping them to identify their skills and interests and find ways to overcome barriers to training or employment.


Working with each individual, we identify any barriers to employment and ensure the relevant documentation and access routes are in place. We then help individuals to begin a targeted job search, attend job interviews or trial placements, and sustain employment.

“Most people will do well if they just have an opportunity. With Recycling Lives you’re given that chance.” Jason

The Building Better Opportunities programme is working to tackle the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth.

Together we're changing lives

Working with the nationwide Building Better Opportunities programme, we are a delivery partner in the Changing Futures project in Lancashire - working with Selnet. Together we’re working to tackle the poverty and social exclusion faced by disadvantaged groups, recognising the importance of employment as a catalyst for change.

We’re working to help the Changing Futures project to meet its target to support 1,000 people to move closer to employment, education or training.

The programme is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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Our community partnerships are run by Rob. His team deliver a specialist programme, structured around each individual’s needs. Working with each participant, skills and interests are identified along with any barriers to employment, such as documentation, transport or low self-confidence. Participants are then supported to access education, training or employment.

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Community partnerships