The ACE Project

The ACE Project supports ex-offenders to lead stabler lifestyles. It is a specialist programme for people with multiple and complex needs, including people who have been in prison, subject to a community order or convicted of an offence in the past. Using a mix of professional support and peer mentoring it offers participants’ personalised wrap-around support for all areas of their life.

  • Supporting with life skills & accommodation
  • Improving independence
  • Reducing reoffending

Our impact

We’re reducing reoffending rates significantly – 89% of participants who actively engage with the ACE Project do not return to prison.

  • Structure
  • Support
  • Life Skills

Assisted Community Engagement (ACE)

The ACE Project helps participants to develop stable lifestyles and start progressing to independence through tailored support, advocacy to access services, and life skills development. We support participants with everything from benefits and finances to medical appointments, as well as rebuilding positive family relationships and friendships.

The ACE Project supports people whose offending is typically linked to substance misuse, mental health, homelessness, unemployment or low skills bases, irrespective of when the offence was committed.

We work closely with statutory agencies and other support services to ensure support is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Lived experience & Peer support

Working alongside people with lived experience gives participants relatable and inspirational role models. With a mixture of personal experience and empathy, members of the peer network can offer one another insights and inspiration on leading more stable lifestyles.

The peer network offers group support sessions for participants to join a community of like-minded peers and start developing positive relationships.

The MAP group – Members After Prison – meets weekly, on Tuesdays from 10am.

Together we're changing lives

Our MAP Group also works with others in the community, educating and inspiring people through motivational and educational presentations.

Members visit groups across Lancashire, including public sector professionals or youth groups. By sharing their stories, the MAP Group hopes to challenge common misconceptions and stereotypes and encourage people to not prejudge people struggling with substance misuse or mental illness. Working with the third sector and public sector, the MAP Group are helping to guide professionals on how best to support people experiencing active addiction and related offending behaviours.

They also aim to discourage young people away from negative behaviours or habits, speaking openly and compassionately to people of all backgrounds.

Get in touch

The ACE Project is led by Gary. The team is made up of dedicated staff and volunteers, each bringing professional and personal experience to develop trusted, positive relationships with participants.

Speak to Gary today about referring someone to the ACE Project.