“I was in shock. It just hadn’t occurred to me that I’d go to jail one day, doing what I was doing.

“I was brought up believing I’d never amount to anything. Here, they’ve given me the chances I’d never been given in life.

“I saw Recycling Lives as a gateway to show I was trustworthy to leave the jail. I wanted to get out to see my kids.

“I did nine months on ROTL. It was horrible work but I excelled and went from working on a yard to driving a fork lift truck and then an office job came up. I’d already started to change my life in jail – I’d quit smoking, quit drugs, started going to the gym and started getting an education. So I went for that office job and I’m still with them today – I’m the manager now!

“I never would’ve dreamed I’d have a managerial role and a mortgage. I got out of jail with £3,000 and carried on saving and got a mortgage last year. That was never going to happen before prison.

“I feel like I’m a better person now. Recycling Lives supported me to do all that.”

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