“I was an addict for years and spent 20 years going through kids homes, youth prisons and prisons.

“Prison hurt me more than addiction. You lose yourself. Then reality hits when you get out because you’ve got nothing – nobody. Nobody who loves you, nobody who you can talk to.

“So, I’d get out and just go back to drugs.

“Then I met the ACE Project.

“It’s really nice to be somewhere where they understand and where there’s people you can talk to. It’s like being part of a family – people ask how your days been, and you just feel so welcome.

“ACE have helped me with my flat and with money management too. I volunteer at the prison now, supported by the ACE team, and I do the talks too. I try to pass on my life experiences and open people’s eyes.

“I’m happy to be alive now, for the first time. My daughter’s got her dad back and I’ve got my smile back. ACE has been my foundation for all of it.”

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