“I’d had enough – enough loss, enough pain. I’d been in addiction and been in jail but I saw I was worth more than that.

“I came out of jail and went into rehab for six months then moved to Preston. Relocating was key for me.

“I’d heard that ACE Project was good. I saw other people who were working with them, getting the help they needed and doing well from it.

“My hope was to get the help I wanted and needed. And deserved!

“They’re very kind and supportive. They treat me like a human being. MAP Group is community and friendship. It’s like a family – there’s trust, and respect, and it’s unconditional but there are also boundaries, which is important.

“The staff are just so nice too. They’ve helped with PIP payments, filling in forms, taken me to consultations, and helped me out with food and toiletries.

“I do the talks now, telling people about rehabilitation and how far I’ve come – all with the help of ACE.

“I want to speak to people and let them know there’s hope.

“This is where I’m supposed to be.”

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