Helen – Volunteer

“They’re the kindest people I’ve ever met here. If I’ve ever got any problems I can go to any one of the team and they’ll help me.
“I started volunteering because I wanted to meet friends and improve my skills and confidence. My confidence was very low. And I needed to get time out from family life – I’ve got three boys – some time for myself.
“But I had to leave just before Covid, for my family. My partner was seriously ill. He died a few months back and I isolated for quite a few months after that but that didn’t do me any good.
“So I asked if I could come back here to volunteer and I’ve had a lot of support. I think being able to come back to somewhere familiar, to people I know, has helped me a lot.
“I do two days a week now. It can be hectic but I feel good knowing the difference the food makes and knowing I’m doing something for the community as well.
“I was a care assistant before. Although warehouse work is a completely different field of work, you’re still looking after people here, just in a different way.
“I’ve got so much out of volunteering – I’ve grown in confidence, made friends and I think I’ve come on a lot. My eldest says he’s proud of me and I feel proud of myself too. If I’m happy then my boys will be happy.
“I want to be here a while longer and then get a job. That’s my goal. As a mother you’ve still got to have goals for yourself.”

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