“I’m a grafter so I loved working in the workshop. I was on the benches to begin with and then I got promoted to orderly, leading the team, which I really enjoyed.
“I lost everything when I went to prison – a 10-year career in finance, my flat, my car. It really wrecked my life – I made a mistake.
“Being with Recycling Lives gave me opportunities for when I got released.
“I had a lot of support from the team – Lucy really supported me. She’d come in and be there whenever I needed her. Then she’d always check in with me when I’d been released.
“I’d got a job with a waste company, working as a service administrator, but I was made redundant. So Lucy helped me with my CV which was great, so I could get it out and get as many job applications in as possible, to find something new.
“I’m working in a warehouse packing cheese now. When you’re in prison you can get anxiety about being released – there’s a lot of feelings and emotions, but once I was out I was OK. I’ve got a good family and I know that helps.”

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