“I had no plans before I met Recycling Lives. It felt hopeless.

“I started in the Academy stripping tellies, then went out on ROTL. While I was on ROTL I got to find out what the residential was all about. That sparked a journey for me.

“I knew the residential would be a big commitment but who else is going to give you those opportunities?

“When I moved it felt like stepping into a readymade family.

“I started to volunteer at the Food Redistribution Centre and I loved it. The concept of it all was just amazing so I wanted to be part of that. I tried a few different roles and I’ve been working ever since.

“I was a mess before prison. But I learned to talk and ask for help so that Shaun has been taken apart and rebuilt.

“I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve got a cracking home and a good support network of family and friends – that’s the most important thing.

“I know Recycling Lives’ team are always there too. That’s what being part of this family is about.”

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