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Working with employers from all sectors we help businesses to hire hard-working, skilled team members from our rehabilitation and residential programmes.

Anett Uttley – HMP Wealstun

“I find it really rewarding working with the team from Recycling Lives Charity. Before, even as an officer, I couldn’t really help people. It wasn’t in my power to. Now I can. And I can hear how they’re getting on after release. Normally I only know how someone's doing if they’ve ended up back in prison.

“Recycling Lives is exactly what people need.”

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Mark Booth, United Utilities

"Recycling Lives has been great to work with. We can see the very positive impact they have in giving people a firm foundation on which to rebuild their lives.

"[The men we have employed] have quickly become very valued team members and have surpassed all expectations."

Andrew Wright, Green Growth

"The gentlemen we have employed through Recycling Lives have picked up good skills and are very reliable, active team members.

"Our expectations have been met and even surpassed."

Karl Neimarlija, HSS Hire

"We’re always looking at different ways to attract and retain great people from all backgrounds. Recycling Lives inspired us.

"It's been overwhelmingly positive with those we’ve hired so far. Their managers are really impressed with the high performance levels, work ethic and commitment."