Blackpool Food Bank

“The food is a door opener.
“We deliver the goods to groups who use the food or drink as an opportunity or catalyst to engage people with services that can support them and make a difference.
“We make weekly collections from the Food Redistribution Centre and through FareShare have developed relationships with every supermarket in the area to pick up their surplus waste produce every day.
“We then distribute this to 62 groups across Blackpool. They range from children’s centres, community kitchens and churches to homeless projects and the NHS crisis teams. It’s a real myriad of organisations that all have food as part of their solution. If we weren’t able to provide these products, they wouldn’t be able to run the services they do.
“In the last year we’ve given out just over £500,000 worth of food. To think all of that food was destined for landfill…it’s shocking.”

Neil Reid – Chairman of trustees, Blackpool Food Bank

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