Mirehouse Residents Group

“Using the food from Recycling Lives we’ve been able to grow the number of people we’re working with by 40%.
“We were already providing food bought from farmers and the shops so this has helped us to put more in our food parcels.
“They go to the ladies at the lunch clubs, parents bringing children to the youth clubs, families on the estate who we know need it, and people who’ve had delays to benefit payments.
“They’re aware this food would go to waste otherwise, so it isn’t seen that they’re coming for a handout.
“Cooked meats, hummus, eggs, potatoes – there’s real variety to what we receive. We had enough mince one time to make shepherd’s pies for days – we made 40!
“Our is a really, really good community, but it’s wanting. We’re trying to develop a sense of community. We do a lot that we can’t quantify.”

Keith Cartner – Community Involvement Coordinator, Mirehouse Residents Group, Whitehaven

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