“I was in a school for naughty boys for about five years then when I finished school, they gave me a flat. It was a case of ‘there’s your keys, off you go’. I had £40 a week for bills, food, everything.
“No-one forced me to deal drugs but I didn’t know how else to live or how to get money together. I had no confidence.
“When I landed in jail my head was all over the place. I knew I needed to settle down and then I met Recycling Lives. I worked like mad and Ray, the workshop manager, said I was a good worker. I’d never had approval like that before.
“I had just over £1,000 saved up when I got out – actual legitimate money! I got somewhere to live and started working.
“It’s not just a job at Recycling Lives, it’s the support you get too. If I hadn’t had that I don’t know where I’d be now.
“I’ve done workshops for mental health – I’ve learned how to change my mindset. I feel wicked about myself now.
“I’m happier, I’m working and I’m saving up. I’ve never felt proud of myself like this before.”

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