“I looked at myself and I knew I had to change.”
“I was 40 and in prison with a criminal record from being 13. I had no work history, no qualifications – no future.
“What I really wanted was my own place. I’d get out of prison and be sofa surfing each time. It’s not stable so you’re just going out making quick money. But then you’re always looking over your shoulder, paranoid, leaving the house at 6am in case the police come knocking.
“Now I’m getting up at 6am to go out to work.
“I came here for the opportunities – I knew if I did the residential I could get a good job and I did. I work for United Utilities now, in grounds maintenance.
“You can’t come in to Recycling Lives half-heartedly. You’ve got to be determined to change and better your life.
“Recycling Lives really came through for me. They give people like me opportunities to change.
“Now I can really see a future.”

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